Business IT Support

Phone Support, Servers, Workstations, Software installation, Server Migrations, Backup, E-Mail

Email Hosting

Email Hosting and Domain Management

Web Site Design

Webite Design, hosting, consultation, Domain Transfers

E-Commerce Sites

If you are moving your business online and need to accept payments, process orders and run a shopping site.

IT Consultation

After years of working in IT I have a good understanding of working with businesses on all levels to ensure you make the right move forward.

Disaster Prevention and Recovery

Using tried and tested methods of disaster prevention is essential for keeping your business safe.

Supporting You

Helping your business to grow
every step of the way.


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Dave Firth

Web Developer



My Name is Dave, I live in the UK and work in the IT sector. I studied at Bradford University before working for a company called Primary Technology, I've worked there for ten years now and still do, in my spare time I like to keep busy supporting local businesses and Building web sites for anyone who needs one at very reasonable prices.

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